REDPill  "Under 100" Fast Mimicking Protocol
Eat Chocolate.
Manage Blood Sugar.
Lose Weight.

LOVE WELLNESS BAR Chocolate Subscriptions Concierge Support, Opt-In LifeStyle Nutritional Coaching and valuable coupons on relevant Affiliate Partners' Wellness Products and Services.

REDPill Nutrition "Under 100" Fast Mimicking Protocol.

Get the benefits of Intermittent Fasting while enjoying the world’s only craft bean to bar nutritional chocolate by following two simple rules:

Eat one REDPill Nutrition LOVE WELLNESS BAR every other day with a Healthy Salad

When on a Fast Mimicking Protocol day with morning blood sugar  UNDER 100 mg/dl you can. as you would normally eat.

Wellness Chocolate

A healthy fat supplement + systemic anti-inflammatory nutraceuticals ingredients. Chocolate itself is something of a wonder-drug. Its unique composition includes a fat with a melting point that’s exactly the same as the rest-state of the human body. That’s why chocolate’s texture is so pleasing: it’s in flux between liquid and solid states.This body-pleasing fat is usually found in common with all manner of innately healthy compounds that we derive naturally from the cacao bean.

Love Wellness Bar Chocolate Subscriptions

REDPill Nutrition's LOVE WELLNESS BAR Chocolate products are low glycemic index phytonutrient rich nutraceutical food products with 'bean to bar' artisanal chocolate. These functional food products are sold via user managed subscription plans over the web, and are offered bundled with curated affiliate partner 'Wellness' goods and services, and online support for all subscription members.

Concierge Support & Nutritional Coaching

The user selects their path, say VEGAN, KETO or PALEO, and customizes their choices dynamically over time as they interact with support staff and/or the platform directly. A user describes their goals, and constraints by answering short web based questions sets. Their choices are set as filters as the platform is then able to suggest personalized next steps culled from REDPill's nutritional science data sets.