Diabetes is the end state of the Standard American Diet

People eating the Standard American Diet urgently need to manage their blood sugar, and therefore need more palatable ways to consume healthy fats. As much as typical Americans may eat, they are very often actually malnourished, and would benefit from the addition of phytonutrient rich functional foods, in lieu of both highly processed foods and vitamins, to their diets.

The system is broken.
Diets do not work.

Health Care: American medicines’ standard of care for type II diabetes, heart disease, and other inflammatory conditions, are all designed alleviate symptoms of these disease conditions once they become effectively morbid.

It's more common than you realize.

1 out of 3 adults in the United States are considered pre -diabetic, yet only ten percent are even aware of the danger to their health.

A national health crisis.

Nearly half of adults are either considered to be pre-diabetic or have diabetes, raising their risk of heart attacks, blindness, amputations and cancer.

An otherwise unbiased Guided Chocolate Wellness Protocol

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